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Shirley Sia

Before weight : 80kg

Current weight : 60kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Elaine Pang


Under my husband's support, my weight loss journey started. From my heaviest weight of 80kg, to my ideal weight 60kg. I suffer psoriasis since young but my condition improved after I lose weight. I feel full of energy and I am able to stay active with my children. I am grateful to have experienced all the greatness of a healthy life with Cambridge Weight Plan.


- Lost 20 kg
- eczema and psoriasis has disappeared
- stay active with my children
- Sustain health benefits




Vigneswari A/P Sinniah

Before weight : 63kg

Current weight : 54kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Shirley Tsu


My name is Vigneswari A/P Sinniah. In my life, school until after married I always very thin & active person. When I started to work, I have no time to cook and always eating out side. I started putting on weight at the age of 45, body weight increase to 63kg. Then I started to have migraine very often, having difficulty to get dresses for function, because all the dresses can’t fit well and I look very fat too, my confident level goes very low.


My friend had introduced me some sliming product, it didn’t reduce any weight yet my weight increase to 65kg. After I stopped the slimming product, I m suffering leg pain and swollen problem.


Finally I meet my consultant Shirley Tsu in CAMBRIDGE WEIGHT PLAN.


I asked her can I loose 3kg, she told me definitely you will loose more than you expect & become beauty with all her confidence.


I started taking Cambridge Weight Plan I can reduce 3kg, it is very amazing for me. My leg no more pain & swollen, I look younger and fairer. It give me lots of confident continue taking Cambridge weight plan to reach my ideal weight.


I like to drink CWP Chocolate Flavor, very convenient to drink & my consultant Shirley always support me good advice. I don’t have to waste my money to find other product. My medical report all in good result. Now I can save money & no need go to hospital any more.




Heay Wey Ling

Before weight : 84.8kg

Current weight : 72kg

Year : 2014



Shanice Kong Shau Hui


I have been trying very hard to slim down since I was a teenager. I visited doctor at the age of 16 years old to get slimming pills as I can’t bear with my weight anymore. I felt myself was too heavy to walk around. This medication had helped me to slim down from 75kg to 65kg with strict diet plus swimming for 5 days a week.


While I was in college, I started to work while studying. I had lost control on my diet as I was working at a café and till late night. No regular meals and late night supper was a norm. My weight had gone up to 93kg in 2 years. I have very low self-esteem, having difficulties of get suitable attire, my relative and friends constantly criticized my outlook. I can only wear men’s size jeans and men size t-shirt.


My weight had gone yo-yo throughout my college life, due to my irregular eating habits. In Year 2013, I fell down in my house and torn my Ligament. I had an operation done on my knee and my doctor informed me that it was very unlikely that the ligament torn due to a fall. The Impact of the fall was impossible to hurt the ligament. The doctor suspected that the cause of it could be my obesity that caused the impact during the fall.


After the operation, My Consultant Ms Shanice had introduced me to CWP to help me to lose weight. I understand that losing weight will help me on my recovery and I’ve decided to start my program. I facied a lot of positive reaction and all these almost make me stop the program half way. I went through bad migraine on the first few days of sole source, my tongue was swollen till I can’t speak well, skin around my lips peeled off and I was having hemorrhoid problems during my sole sources journey. So I have somehow stop after a few days of sole sources and started again after a few more weeks of preparation. Luckily, Shanice had guided me through all these process and I was able to bear with all these positive rections that went on for a while.



I had successfully loss 8kg after a few months of replace only 1-2 meals per day which I was very happy with the results. Unfortunately, I have to go through another operation on my knee on April 2014 due to the cartilage damages caused by the first injuries. I have to stop my diet program again. After this operation, I continue using CWP as nutrition instead of dieting until I fully recovered.


I am getting married by the end of this year and I really wished to be an elegant bride. I decided to start my dieting program again on March 2015. I was happy this round as I have lesser positive reaction, I felt lot more comfortable. This time, I also consume supplement (Cholest, Balance, Colon Easy and AR). I found that the result was a lot better. I am so excited that I have lost about 4kg on the 1st week of sole source. I feel so much lighter after the weight loss and I don’t feel so tired during my working hours. Until today, I had lost 12kg from 84.8kg to 72kg, I feel lesser impact on my knee when I am walking up staircase. I don’t have knee pain now. I am happy to change my wardrobe and I am able to fit into some old cloths that I have not been wearing for some time. Another big changes is that I have better skin now, no more pimples.


I am hoping to achieve my ideal weight of 55kg before my wedding and at the same time preparing myself to improve my health to become a mother in a near future.




Melissa Shakina Binti Azizan

Before weight : 88kg

Current weight : 83kg

Year : 2014


Consultant: Siah Tiong Kiat


My average weight during teens was 57kg. With my height stood at 162cm I was still the heaviest in the family, inclusive extended families! However it had not bothered me even until high school as I was very much involve in physical activities such as netball, volleyball, hockey and 200 metre dash.


I started my university life with 72kg. 15kg more within 2 years after I left high school. In that 2 years gap (at college) I wasn’t involved in any sports activity. My weight fluctuates during 4 years at Uni. I tried every diet I came across reading on internet or diet tell-tale from friends and family. I was able to lose up to 12kg and that brought me down to 70kg. Still, 13kg more than my average weight of 57 during high school.


Went I starter work, I had developed pain on my joints especially knee and ankle. I often sprained my leg even when wearing flat shoes. I had occasional migraine and my doctor had always reminded me to lose some weight as I had gained that 12kg I loss earlier.


I was introduced to Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) in 2011 by my friend. I was curious about the plan as I saw a very obvious change in her within 2 weeks. At the time I was 78kg, and my consultant had guided me through the plan. CWP was never like previous meal replacement plan that I have tried and failed. First, it taste delicious, second it kept me full until the next meal time! Once I go through the first step (Sole-Source) for 3 days, I don’t have cravings for sweets or fattening meals. My old work suits fits me well, better than when I first bought them! 


However, my most prized item is my health. My visceral fat reading was 14 when I first started CWP and now it had gone down to 12. My joints are better and I have not experience migraine and backache like always. I feel happy that I am healthier now and I don’t need to keep a supply of aspirin. I will continue with CWP program for long term health maintenance. Who knows, I may live to see the next millennium!




Yeoh Chee Ling

Before weight : 67kg

Current weight : 50kg

Year : 2014


Consultant: Tan Yong Liang


Cambridge weight plan is for everyone, it's nutrition healthy & yet safety.


Frist i want to thank Cambridge Weight Plan and my consultants Tan Yong Liang for introducing me to this wonderful yet nutritions program.


I're been suffering from leg pain and breathing difficulty (Asthma) due to overweight. I put on so much weight since giving birth to my daughter and since then, I're tired many slimming program but it always never last. One day i met my consultant, I was very surprised and envy how she look since the last time I saw her. Even her body looked slim and she looked healthy. I asked and she explained to me on the product and she gave me a booklet on Cambridge Weight Plan to read throught and to undestand well about the product.


After the day I decided to try, I started my first Cambridge Weight Plan. Wow...... It not so easy to replace the normal eating habit. During first few day, i was suffering and consuted the consultant was advised to continue the Cambridge Weight Plan between 2 weeks. The period flow was non stop for 2 weeks, I had noticed that my weight be lighter, i lost 3kg in just 2 weeks. Iwas happy with the result and i continue taking CWP and doing sole source and sole source plus program for 2 month.


Within 2 months, i have lose from 67kg to 54kg. I took my old jeans which cant be wear for long long time, and my gosh, it just fit so easily. Even my husbond noticed the change in me, I was satified eith the Cambridge Weight Plan and not to mention about the delicious flavours and taste really like ice-cream which I love so much and yet its so nutritions. i've tried many slimming programs but it always never work well butwith Cambridge Weight Plan, I enjoy the procedureand the flavours. Every time after each meal, I'll looking forword for the very next meal.


I m happy will my health at this moments because without realised my leg pain and asthma totally gone and look more younger & pretty den before. Again I want to take this opportunity to thank Cambridge Weight Plan and my lovely consultant Yong Liang for giving back my confidence and look.




Goldan Komathi

Before weight : 110kg

Current weight : 70kg

Year : 2014


Consultant: Catherine Wong



Target another 10KG to go…

Being Slim and to stay healthy without medication is one of my dream. I am obese since teenagers but quite active in sports.  I do a lot of exercise and sports activity for hours every day to reduce my weight and managed to reduce before my wedding. After wedding, my weight increases tremendously to 80kg in 2 yrs time. Then increase another 10kg in a year (1998) during my pregnancy. Since then, it is never reduce just keep on increasing. One of my bad habits, I will eat unconditionally if I am in depressed.


Feeling very depressed to find dress or blouse to fit and always wearing T-Shirt (Guys size), hard to find shoes or scandals to fit. People used to call me aunty due to my appearance even though I’m in 30’s. Fatness is one of the factors which have been hard for me to conceive for second baby. I have been tried a lot of methods and channels to reduce my weight but the improvements only temporary and I nearly give up.


But my health condition is not giving up, it’s been getting worst. I was having issues with my knees due to my excess weight, races due to seafood allergic; blood pressure was 160/100, sugar level increase and Doctor’s advice me if I did not lose a significant amount of weight, I would be end up with serious health problems and might end up with medication for my whole life.


After a deep thought and discussion with my hubby, we decide to try the Cambridge weight plan and approached one of my colleagues who have been slimmer after consuming the Cambridge diet. She introduced me to one of the consultant, Ms Catherine.


Me and my husband when to meet my consultant for the first time, and first thing I told her that I prefer to go for slow diet plan and must eat normal food at least once in a day and not ready for sole source programme.  And second thing is whether my weight can reduce without doing exercise because I had a knee problem.  And then, I started with the Cambridge programme as guide by my consultant at my preference.


At the beginning, it was difficult and quite challenging for me. Continuous follow up with my consultant and the result was so great which really a motivating factor for me to keep on going. Now I’m very energetic, confident and my health condition has improved a lot. My weight start from 110kg to become 85kg. My target will be 75kg, therefore I need to lose 10 kg more.


 My heart full thanks to Cambridge & my consultant, ‘LOVE YOU’ for making my dreams come true.




Sujitha Peace Alagan

Before weight : 75kg

Current weight : 55kg

Year : 2014


Consultant: Shirley Tsu



First and foremost I would like to Thank God for this GREAT COMPANY CAMBRIDGE WEIGHT PLAN.

My dream for 13 years of trying to reach my ideal weight since I was 15 year old has come through ONLY because of this complete best nutritious diet food.


At the age of 15, I have always wanted to be slim and fit, as every other young woman on posters, magazines and TV I had seen and desired to look good. It has been a journey of valleys and hills but I could never reach my ideal weight 60kg. In fact, I was never able to reach below 70kgs!


August 2014, was the most challenging period in my life as I had a major car crash which got me bed ridden with severe back ache and neck pain. Sitting and standing was a mission. Ultimately, poor movement resulted in extreme weight gain. Pain killers were my best friend at that point! Appetite booster it was!


I was diagnosed with spinal (injury) contusion and sciatic nerve contusion (cervical and lumbar contusion), and adding to my weight I was having knee locks (knee stiffness, which were symptoms of osteoarthritis. For my age I was unable to move, run, dance or walk fast like others.


Sitting at home for 1 and half month on medical leave added 8kg to my pre-existing weight. I turned out to be 78 kg which worsened my lumbar injury and knee pain. Even after my long stay at home I was unable to do simple exercises, my gym money that I was paying went in vain, my hobby of dancing and using dance as an exercise went in vain. I couldn’t even do simple dance steps. Tears flowed when I thought of the days I participated in various dance competitions , AS DANCE IS MY PASSION and I started dancing at the age of 3 y/o. As I resumed back to work things were getting worse as I was getting accusation from my patients and sighs as I spoke about an ideal weight to my patients with co morbidities. My movement at work was slower.


Travelling to my clinic 45 minutes daily up and down increased my back ache. I was lost and I didn’t know what to do. I was just spending money on physiotherapies .In v/o my pain and all my clothes outfitted me I stopped going out, reduced my social interactions, stopped going for wedding and family gatherings.

I was unable to except what happened and was happening saw no way out, all I did was having faith that God will bring me out of my state of depression.


Especially being in my profession as a Doctor I need to lead a healthy lifestyle before I approach others to lead one. Accusations were falling at my door step that being a doctor I can’t manage my weight. I have all the medical test to resolve my obesity issue and have tried some products to lose weight and being afraid that it may worsen my kidney function. None worked.



By the Grace of God through my workmate I meet my consultant Shirley Tsu. At my first visit, all that I prayed and asked her was 'Can I loose just 5kg’, with a smile on her face she said ‘You will definitely! You will lose more than you expect’ with all her confidence.

Cambridge is the best drink I have ever drank as a diet meal, its mouth watering and filling and there is no restriction in taking meals on selected steps. Despite that I decided to go on this program cause its approved by my government and excellent researchers are done and published in British Medical Journal which proves that there is no side effect and its is scientifically proven and above all guarantee weight loss and last but not least there is a ever ready consultant of the company to assist and motivate us to reach our goal. The products that I have tried have none of the above qualification and above all not scientifically proven.


I lost 3kg in my first week, going on in a month I lost 7 kg on sole source program. I was extremely joyful and grateful to God for this company. As every week I was seeing a difference in my sizes or my weight. Above all my back pain was resolved, now I can dance and run as before. After I lost 6 kg I was able participate in a dance program, a stage show and can travel as far as I want and I am pain free.


My patients are shocked as well happy that I succeeded. Goodbye to Accusation, I am more confident now than before in dressing and carrying myself out. I am able to think fast, move fast and no more knee stiffness, and am able to get up from a seat faster than before. As the research done proves knee cartilage improvement in 16 weeks, for me it was even faster, currently I have no knee locks (stiffening), no difficulty in moving to another seat or position, all praise to God and the rescuer Cambridge Weight Plan.


I am now very convinced and confident that in this whole wide world there is a solution to Obesity. At the moment my whole family and extended family are taking it as a weight loss program and supplement cause the contents of vitamin in it is awesome.

With the help of God, Cambridge Weight Plan, my mom’s and my consultant support and my will.


Currently not only I have achieved 19 kg reduction from 74.1 kg to 55 kg in 4 months, and dress from XL TO S/M AND JEANS SIZE FROM 36 TO 28 dress size 16 to 10 but I have complete redemption from my accusations, depression leading to mental illness, knee locks leading to osteoarthritis, cervical and lumbar pain which were limiting my daily activities and my muscular aches.


As a Counsellor at Netturul Cambridge now I am able to transform others life and enable them to achieve their dream as mine. My conclusion With Cambridge if u have a will then surely you have a way to achieve “My Dreamland My Happy Land”. Cambridge Rocks!



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